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macbook apart

We have all been in there, you buy the latest Hoki Koki 2000 from eBay or "borrow" some software from a friend and when you install it everything goes pear shaped. Your computer starts freezing up and blue screening; it makes weird noises and bleeps or flashes up terrifying error messages you don’t understand.

 You know that you’ve definitely done everything right and Heaven forbid, you’ve even resorted to the instruction book! But to no avail, the truculent machine is still sitting on your desk poking out its tongue, refusing to work.


What to do? It may be a software conflict or it could be a hardware problem it may also be a juicy virus from the "borrowed" software, whatever the problem we are here to help so that you can get on with your life.


If you have tried everything you know and the local "expert" has failed to weave his promised IT magic, don't despair, give us a ring on 01239 622152


Will you need to take out a mortgage to pay for all this service? ? Well of course there is a cost involved, but we think you will agree £59.00 plus parts for any PC, Laptop and £89 for Apple Macs is very reasonable, yes that’s right, a fixed for labour regardless of how long it takes to solve the problem.


Can we repair laptops? Yes we can repair laptops down to component level at our workshop. We replace screens, repair and replace motherboards, replace laptop power sockets, reflow graphics chips for the very "no display" issues, replacement keyboards and keys, screen hinges and so on, all this is covered by the fixed price labour of just £59 plus parts for Windows PC's and Laptops.


What about my Mac? About 50% of our business is Mac repairs, upgrades and servicing. We have developed several ingenious ways to repair some of the design flaws without resorting to replacing half of the machine or as is so often the genius bar response, a discount of a brand new one! Our fixed price labour charge for Apple Mac is £89 plus parts.


Can we repair your computer at your office or home? Currently we don't. We find it best to carry out the repair work at our 500 sq/ft fully equipped workshop, 


Servicing is essential. Most laptops and Macbooks fail due to overheating. There is so much packed into them that any reduction in airflow can be disastrous. The problem is, most Laptop coolers require a total strip down. If you had to pay by the hour, it would simply not be worth doing, however with our fixed price labour, you can have your laptop service for just £59 (Macs £89) or £29 (PC & Mac) if it's done in conjunction with other work with us. Every eighteen months is the normal interval in average conditions in our experience. Macbooks and iMacs every eighteen months. PC towers two years. It really is a stitch in time that will save you costly logic board replacements.